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Original text and graphics or editing of your material -- on time and on budget

As an editor, I delivered nearly a dozen issues of the Layout Design Special Interest Group's publications from 1996 to 2001. I returned as editor of the LDSIG's Layout Design Journal in 2010.


I've authored many articles for these magazines as well as for commercial model railroad publications. And I've written many technical articles during my marketing career that have been published in business and technical journals.


I've been able to weave coherent stories from a wide selection of information both as an editor and as a writer. I enjoy telling a story as well as providing information and can bring a light, entertaining touch when appropriate. Articles may be provided under my byline or for others, as desired.


I'm happy to consider both ongoing and one-time writing and editing assignments. If desired, I can provide electronic copy that's ready-for-press or even work with local printing and mailing houses to deliver the final product.


Please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.


Each issue of the Layout Design Journal requires graphics development, text editing, page layout, and printer coordination. Click the image for a larger view or click here for a partial list of my model railroad articles.

Except as noted, all material Copyright 2004-2010 by Byron Henderson

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